Sunday, June 7, 2020

Part 14

when they somehow fixed the helium 3 problem everyone was happy
 as they were able to go home to earth. it is true that they spent quite 
some time but they succeeded. while traveling to earth they talked about
 what adventures they had and how many new things they learned. 
and what all they had to go through to get to where they are now. 
it was one of the most beautiful and best journeys for them. they decided
 to go on a space trip in a while.when they got their homes .they can not
 stop thinking about next trip to the space .the end

Thursday, March 26, 2020

Part 13

When everything seemed all right, they turned the motor on and luckily nothing exploded. The time machine shook several times, but nothing special happened. They had to move quickly, because the oxygen content was very low. Peter pressed the button and put the exact coordinates. After some moments everyone felt very bad and they lost conciseness. The fusion reactor was glowing very brightly. After 5 minutes everything settled and calmed down. The four children got up and they saw they were at home, but in the near past in the year 2017. And they were slightly changed. Lucy saw that the fusion reactor had a little hole and Peter and Suzan realized the same. The fusion reactor changed them and at same time made them smarter. They thought that with their intelligence they could completely repair the reactor and the entire time machine.

Wednesday, March 18, 2020

Part 12

...They ignited the engine and went to outer space. They were ‘’flying’’ when suddenly they burned all the helium 3. It was strange they thought but they found out, that it was damaged even the tank containing the necessary helium 3. But they were lucky, because they landed safely onto the surface of the Moon. They found a digging device, which was suited just for the collection of the dust and air, which was perfect for them. They collected the necessary helium 3, because the moon is filled with it, but they needed to jumpstart the engine, but they had no idea how. They were thinking about it and then they thought, what if they use the secondary battery, it was just suited, to transfer 5MW of power per second, which was just the right amount of energy. But as soon as they tried it, it overheated. They shut down the ship. They were practically naked at this point. Only a suit and 1 hour and 15 minutes left of oxygen. They needed a plan and fast. They thought, that maybe they could use a beam of light to alert Earth, but in any case, they would need more time to get to it. They thought, that they could use the power cell in the spacesuit but it would drain all of it, so if it wouldn’t work, it would be bad. But they had no other choice. Edmund took out the power cell and put it to jumpstart the fusion in the reactor of the ship...


Part 11

when the fusion reactor consumed helium 3 it ignited due to electricity supply. The gentleman who gave him the computer said he could fix it, but it would take a very long time. He said. he was asked if anyone could tell them a village so they wouldn't accidentally get lost. He said of course and called a friend. a friend showed them the village when he came back, the spacecraft had already been repaired. they quickly went away to see if everything was fine. they found that their main and auxiliary engines had been upgraded.

Part 10

They had to made some modifications and upgrades of their time machine. Peter, the oldest of them, went into the lower deck and found the error and repaired it. After some days in the space they decided that it was time to try the time machine. Edmund has taken the place of the pilot end put in the coordinates of the solar system. Peter pressed the start button. Two sisters were very scared and pried for successful return home. The cabin started to shake and some lightning flashes appeared. Everyone was scared... But the very next moment they arrived home, at least seemed so. Lucy realised the first that something was different. The place was abandoned. Nobody was at home. They looked at the nearby cemetery and they saw that their parents were buried there; they were dead for many years. They realized that they came into the future...

Monday, February 24, 2020

Part 9

Part 9.; Travelling In Time

…They started the maintenance of the engine. They had all the materials they needed. They were doing the repairs, when suddenly they fell into the gravitational pull of Mars. Luckily they’ve fallen into the ice cap of the red planet, but the ship was severely damaged. They were trying their best to think, how to repair the ship, but there were no answers to that. They were looking around and suddenly they’ve seen a civilization. They asked for help, but they replied, that they can help them but only, if they can give back something precious. They ran back into the spaceship and started ‘’digging’’ for some valuable stuff. But the only think they thought was the engine and the computer. They voted, that they could potentially use the spaceship without the computer, but if something happens to the ship, the computer would not be able to alert them. So they took the computer and gave it to them, they accepted it and gave them a lot of help and effort of repairing the ship. But when they tried to stabilize the reactor, which was powering the spaceship, it consumed all the helium 3...

Part 8

when they figured out how to get into 2020, something weird was heard from the spacecraft traveling with her. They quickly went to see what was up. they just seemed to be a help engine but they couldn't help much. they figured out how to get there in 2020 but now they have to think about how they will repair the main engine, because without it they won't come in 2020 for a very long time They were looking for a spacecraft if they had any manuals to help them troubleshoot. but in vain, they searched for it for a very long time, but they despaired of it because they had neither the will nor the energy to do it. ssj to all were already considered