Tuesday, October 1, 2019

Part 4

They put the coordinates and then something strange happened. They have seen all the travelling in the future. They went to the year 2019. But something didn’t feel right. They realised soon enough, that that was not the 2019 they remembered. They asked around but there was a problem. Nobody spoke their language. They soon enough realised, that the energy, that the batteries got from the fusion reactor, was not normal energy. It behaved differently. So after a while, they came to the conclusion, that they are in the year 2019, but they are in a parallel universe. They were in shock. They couldn’t speak to anybody. They didn’t know what to do. They walked around for a bit, and found a gadget, that claimed, to translate every possible language to a specific language by looking at the wave length of the brain. They tried it, and they finally were able to speak to them. After Peter explained everything, they called the ambulance. They thought that they were crazy. But they soon enough, by taking their blood realised, that they are talking the truth. Edmund asked how, and they explained to him, that they have a different structure of blood and probably a different atom structure. Then they remembered something, but thought, that the air is probably fine, if they didn’t suffocate till now. Then Susan asked, if they can help them get back to their parallel world. They asked, that how did they end up in this world in the first place. Peter replied, that the last thing, that he remembered was, that they charged their batteries from a fusion reactor. They were amazed, that they knew how a fusion reactor looked like. They asked, if they remembered, how it worked. Peter said no, but right after that, Lucy said, that the soldier explained to her. She said all the information…

Friday, September 27, 2019

Part 3

They were scared of the reactor, but they didn’t t have the possibility to return in present time. When they charged their battery, they suddenly disappeared. Something brutally threw them on the ground. They lost their consciousness. Lucy got up first. She was looking around her when a branch braked. She suddenly turned around but she didn’t see anything. She got back others to consciousness. When awaked looked in which year they were when a dinosaur jumped towards them. “We must run,” everyone thought but nobody said that out loudly. Susan was the best climber so she jumped on a tree and climbed it. Peter, Edmund and Lucy followed her. After that they looked at the dinosaur and recognized it, it was a big stegosaurus. They were lucky it wasn’t a carnivore. They put the coordinates…Matjaž

Thursday, September 12, 2019

Part 2

They put the coordinates into the year 2019, because they wanted to go home. They went. When they put the coordinates they put the year 2209 instead of 2019. They had big problems. They didn’t know how to go home, because their time machine went out of power. Then they began to search help, but there was no-one. They were on a desert island all alone. Then Edmund suggested, that they should build a barrack of some form to stay away from danger. But they didn’t know, that that was not an island in the middle of nowhere, but it was a high security island with tons and tons of important data. 

They started to scream for help. They dragged the attention of a young (or so they thought) soldier. He quickly asked what they were doing here and most important how did they get here. Lucy replied, that they are from the year 2019, and they have built a time machine, and now it was without electricity. The soldier said to come with him, and after hours of walking, they reached the headquarters of the island. 

They explained the situation and the officer replied, that he has heard a story about the 2nd century that informed, that Romans were in contact with god. Peter replied, that it was probably them, because they did go in the year 154. The officer said, that this old man (looking at the ‘’young soldier’’) will take you to the nearest power station. Suzana quickly asked, how is this mid 20 years old soldier an old man. The officer replied, that it was because he was around 143 years old, but that he couldn’t say how, because it would change the past drastically. They went to the power station and couldn’t believe their eyes, it was a fusion reactor...

Tuesday, September 10, 2019

Part 1

Our story began on a beautiful sunny day. Four children, two brothers (Peter and Edmund) and their two sisters (Suzana and Lucy) made a time machine. It looked as a wirstwatch. In the beginning it was just a child toy, but when they put the coordinates into the year 154, the world changed to a Roman millitary camp. A legionar saw them and because their clothes were so different he taught that they were Gods and he told that to other Romans. Suddenly everyone wanted to see them. They gave them a lot of food to honoured them. Peter, Edmund, Suzana and Lucy had to stay there until everybody went out of their tent. And after that they put the coordinates into the year…